From #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou to #MeToo: Femtags as Testimonials of Trauma and Products of Feminist Protest

This project examines the differential popularity and protest styles of the hashtags. (Chloé L. Nurik, Levy Scholar, Dual Degree Program,  Annenberg School for Communication,  University of Pennsylvania Law School)

Understanding the divergent political cultures of Denmark and Sweden through the prism of #metoo

Through the prism of the #metoo movement, this study examines how different political cultures create different opportunity structures for activism and political debate on issues of gender justice. This comparative case study of the media coverage of and public debate around #metoo in Denmark and Sweden finds markedly different ways of addressing issues of gender justice and rape culture in the two countries. (Tina Askanius, Malmö University and Jannie Møller Hartley, Roskilde University)

Hijacking Me Too: Transnational dynamics of digital networks on the far-right and the case of the “120 decibels” campaign

Based on twitter data this study focuses on a German-Austrian launched right-wing campaign which has tried to latch onto the MeToo movement in order to promote their preferred stance on immigration policies (Curd Knüpfer, Matthias Hoffmann, and Vadim Voskresenskii, The Weizenbaum Institute).

#metoo: Meaning-making, rhetoric and boundary work on Twitter

The purpose of this project is to explore the discourse of #metoo on Twitter, with a specific interest in the role of its male protagonists (graduate student project, with the guidance of Katrin Tiidenberg and Natalia Sanchez-Querubin, University of Amsterdam,

The hybrid logic of hashtag activism: Untangling frames, platforms, and phases in #MeToo

Drawing on a dataset of 4 million tweets, this study investigates the impact of the #MeToo hashtag during its first weeks of existence as a social media grassroots campaign (Simon Lindgren, Umeå University).

#metoo activism in Sweden: Development, consequences, strategies

An interdisciplinary study of the development of  #metoo activism in Sweden  (Maria Sandgren Södertörn University, Malin Sveningsson Gothenburg University, and Karin Hansson and Hillevi Ganetz at Stockholm University,

Collection of #metoo testimonials by the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Museum collects appeals and testimonies that came from the Swedish performing arts industry in the tracks of #metoo. The aim is to preserved this for the future.

Collection of #metoo-related ‘memories’ by The Nordic Museum

Minnen (‘Memories’) is a website where museums and other cultural heritage organisations collect personal stories.

Collection of #metoo testimonials by the Maritim Museum

The Maritim Museum collects appeals and testimonies that came from #lättaankar. The aim is to preserved this for the future. Contact person is Eva Hult.