Presentation of ongoing research at the G19 Swedish Conference for Gender Research 7-9th of October 2019 

The #metoo activism has made personal, often silenced experiences of sexual harassment and abuse political through quantification and public recognition. The movement has developed globally in closed groups, outside established political movements, and has been publicly discussed in newspapers’ leading articles, in talk shows, and in seminars. Trade unions, political parties and authorities have responded with legislative proposals and investigations.

This panel gathers ongoing #metoo research focusing on: the discourses surrounding #metoo, the collaborative efforts within the movement, as well as on the suggested solutions.

The #metoo momentum and its aftermath: digital justice seeking and societal and legal responses

Ulrika Andersson, Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University. Lena Karlsson, Associate Professor, Gender Studies, Lund University.
Linnea Wegerstad, Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University.
Clare McGlynn, Professor of Law at Durham University.

 #metoo-activism in Sweden: Development, consequences, strategies

Hillevi Ganetz, Professor Gender Studies, Stockholm University.
Karin Hansson, Associate Professor, Computer and Systems Sciences Stockholm University.
Maria Sandgren, Associate Professor, Political psychology, Södertörn University.
Malin Sveningsson, Professor, Media and Communication Studies, Gothenburg University.

To stop counting bodies – new ideas for a gender equal forestry sector

Stina Powell, PhD, Unit of Environmental Communication at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Ann Grubbström, Associate Professor, Educational Development Unit, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

#Vardeljus – A qualitative study 

Gunilla Carstensen, Associate Professor, Department of Education, Stockholm University.

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Organizers: Hillevi Ganetz (SU), Karin Hansson (SU), Maria Sandgren (SH), Malin Sveningsson (GU).